It’s perhaps no surprise that 3 in 4 Aussies are poised and ready to take to the skies and ocean to explore beyond our borders as soon as possible. Research by Celebrity Cruises has revealed the following findings:


  • 72% of Aussies plan to travel internationally once borders open, with Europe (particularly the Mediterranean) a top destination
  • Making up for lost time, Australian travellers are dreaming of going far and big, with a third (34%) planning a longer, more expensive holiday than usual and multi-destination trips (32%) abroad
  • Australian travellers anticipate spending an average of $8,000 per head on their first post-pandemic holiday overseas – as almost half (43%) of those intending to travel will indulge in luxury options
  • Commissioned by Celebrity Cruises, the national survey reveals the impact of the pandemic on our appetite and attitudes towards international travel, including trends, behaviours and priorities post-pandemic


It’s no wonder, as four in 10 (41%) of those planning overseas trips say that not travelling internationally has significantly impacted their wellbeing over the last 18 months. As a Brit, who’s been living here in Aus for 12 years, I can certainly relate to pining for faraway shores after being ‘locked in’ for nearly two years.

Having missed out on two European summers, Aussies dream of travelling far again, with Europe an ever favourite top destination. Aside from the UK (69%), countries of focus are predominantly in the Mediterranean with one in three (29%) of those intending to travel overseas say their top destinations include Italy (74%), Greece (69%), France (61%), Spain (61%) and Portugal (49%).


Commissioned by Celebrity Cruises, the national survey reveals how the pandemic has impacted Australians’ appetite and attitudes towards international travel, and examines what is set to trend as the world rebounds and travellers take to the world once again.


Dreaming big and ready to spend, Aussie travellers want to make up for lost time, with a third (34%) planning longer, more expensive holidays than usual and multi-destination trips (32%) abroad. Going far is a top priority, with far flung destinations on the itinerary, including Europe, which holds onto its reputation as an ever popular destination.


With the pandemic putting a halt to travel plans for over 18 months, the study reveals the desire to head abroad has rebounded with strength, as Aussies seek to reignite their wanderlust. Additional key findings include:


  • Travelling for leisure in 2022 is a top priority for nearly half of Australian adults (45%), compared with swapping jobs (20%), renovating (18%) or buy a/moving house (17%), as our lockdown passion for DIY and all things home is replaced by travel.
  • This is backed by four in 10 Australian travellers (41%) agreeing that not being able to travel internationally has significantly impacted their wellbeing – with women (45%) feeling it more than men (37%).
  • Aussies are banking savings and anticipate spending over $8,000 per person on their next international holiday. Half (50%) already have savings ready for their big trip, while 21% are ready to dip into long-term savings to fund international travel plans.
  • Top travel trends of interest are all-inclusive trips, cultural immersion holidays and trips of 1+ months duration, while three in ten (31%) would consider a cruise.
  • Amongst Australians who would consider an overseas holiday, one in three would consider a luxury resort (31%) or a culinary focused trip (30%).
  • Along with spending big, almost half (43%) will look to choose a luxury holiday experience for their next international stint. Key travel trends have emerged with Australians most interested in all-inclusive trips (33%), cultural immersion (30%), long trips of one or more months in duration (28%), and to visit three or more countries (32%).

When it comes to the perfect holiday, the jury is hung, indicating Australians want a bit of everything that they have been missing out on. However, 31% of Australians are likely to consider a cruise holiday when international borders open up again, ultimately ticking all the boxes for the next ideal trip abroad; a multi-destination holiday, all-inclusive luxury, exceptional culinary experiences, cultural immersion tours and something for everyone, regardless of age.

Setting the standard for new-luxury at sea, Celebrity Cruises has a range of itineraries across the globe that have already set sail. In particular, the 12-night Portugal, Spain and France itinerary on board the innovative Edge Series ship, Celebrity Apex, is the most popular international voyage with Aussie guests, followed closely by Celebrity Beyond’s maiden voyage to the Greek Islands and Malta for 10-nights.


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