Already dubbed the Uber of the hospitality industry, the ASTON CLUB is quickly taking over Melbourne’s social scene… and rewarding you for it.


For those who haven’t heard, The ASTON CLUB is a new mobile payments app that is changing the way people drink, eat and play. It is the quickest, simplest and safest way to pay your bar tabs and restaurant bills – simply choose a venue, open a tab, set a limit, order as usual, then close it – all from your phone. You will never leave your credit card at the bar again.

So, how does it work? The ASTON CLUB is a POS-integrated digital payment and loyalty platform that allows users to pay through their smartphone and earn exclusive rewards. Coming from co-founders Matthew Khoury and Nicholas Birrell, for businesses the app is a way of streamlining the bar ordering process, assists venues increase bar efficiency and table turnover, but most importantly for customers it is all about the experience.

Already at some of Melbourne’s most iconic locations (in fact ASTON CLUB is already in over 180 venues around Melbourne), they are rewarding you for being social, and not just with their member rewards…



When I was young I was always told, ‘you never get something for nothing’ – but that is exactly what the ASTON CLUB is doing.

For a limited time ASTON CLUB is giving new users the opportunity to drink, eat and be merry at their favourite locations by giving them $50 for free.

What’s the catch? There is none.

Simply download the app, join as a new member, punch in ASTON50, create a profile and you are automatically credited with $50 – just to get you started.

There is no reason not too – and I can tell you first hand, I love this app.

Time to Join the Club.

aston club



For more info check out the website or head straight to the iTunes or Google Play Store to Join The Club, and start living the life.



(Photo Credit: Aston Club website



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