I don’t know about you gals (and guys), fake tan on my sheets, streaks making me freak are the pitts! Sure it’s great when you’re looking all tanned and sun-kissed without the risk of damaging your skin, but when it comes to getting that pesky ‘look of the kiss of the sun’ off your skin, it can leave you wondering if it’s really worth it.

I was thrilled recently to discover that there is actually a product out there (a pretty good one at that) that removes all traces of fake tan, just as quickly as a swift ‘delete all sent messages’ after a night on the sauce. For me is great news as I’ve been in the UK for  year and my legs could seriously blind you if let out in daylight – Love the look on a night out, not so much a few days after.

We owe a lot to leading make-up artist, ANTHEIA Beauty Co-Founder, Brie Stevenson, who has seen more than her fair share of fake-tan disasters, blotchiness, puffy and flaky skin to realise that women everywhere weren’t looking after their skin properly. After countless conversations with models and clients that had been ‘scrubbing for hours’ and ‘resorting to household cleaners like Jiff’ to get a tan off or standing out of the shower covered in product waiting for the scrub to work, Brie launched ANTHEIA Beauty, starting a beauty craze that has started a revolution, see you later scrubs, hello peels!

With education a key part of the ANTHEIA culture, Brie Stevenson, shares her tips on why the peel is the new skin champion that everyone is raving about and how to take care of your birthday suit this Easter Weekend.


  1. Smooth skin in 60 seconds Gone are the days where you had to get in the shower and then stand out of the shower for ten minutes covered in product and freezing your butt off, “we live in a time poor era, every second is valuable and should be spent feeling good not waiting around, that’s why we developed the liquid micro peel and express fake-tan remover that work within a minute or two. Simply massage the liquid micro peel onto your skin and watch the dead cells roll off in front of your eyes then jump in the shower to rinse, simple!”
  2. Wave good-bye to the mitt Quit with the mitt already, just like you wouldn’t take to your face with a harsh mitt, the skin on your body is just as precious! “We cleanse, tone and moisturise our faces every day and it’s time we realised that routine needs to be a whole body ritual. Put down the mitt and replace it with a muslin cloth for daily use. Used and adored for centuries, its gentle weave gently exfoliates making it the perfect tool between your weekly peels.”
  3. A La naturel The ANTHEIA range is completely made up of botanical ingredients and is vegan friendly “what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it! Combining ingredients such as the highest quality AHA’s blended with the likes of sweet orange, acai berries and organic chamomile not only ensure the best results but are literally good enough to eat!”
  4. If I could turn back time! Unlike scrubs the liquid micro peel offers seven amazing beauty benefits including anti-aging improves such as younger and brighter skin, softening of fine lines, improved tone and texture, boost collagen production, refine your pores and restore you pH levels.
  5. Save the oil slick Most scrubs have oil based products in them that actually work against the exfoliating process, so while you think you are working towards ridding yourself of the dead skin the scrub is also moisturising your skin at the same time which can end up clogging your pores, “make sure you read the ingredients list for anything you are going to soak into your skin, your body is still ingesting these products so you want to make sure they are work for you not against you.”


The ANTHEIA liquid micro peel retails for $29.95 and is available online or at selected stockists, visit www.shopantheiabeauty.com to shop the range or find a stockist near you.

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